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A Light at the end of the Tunnel? Global Trends and Opportunites for British Business

It has become increasingly clear that the devaluation of sterling in 2008 is a long-term phenomenon, which is a strong impetus for making the UK economy more competitive. In combination with rising purchasing power in the emerging markets of Asia, where the middle class will soon approach 1 Billion soon, this presents a tremendous opportunity to open up new markets for UK goods and services. Continue reading

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That order from China may be too good to be true

Unscrupulous “business people” in China have refined the so-called 419 advance fee fraud and taken it to new heights, making it almost indiscernable from a legitimate business request. Gambling on a success ratio of over 10%, they invest in the registration of a company with an export license, rented office and a young English-speaking team that is mostly unaware of their bosses fraudulent intentions. Most clever of all, often the scam is such that there’s no clear proof of a crime being committed, which means the same firm can do it again and again. Continue reading

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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the blog of Go East Consulting – the independent Asia specialists! In this blog we’ll be presenting a range of articles and other information to provide you with cultural and economic insights on doing business in the emerging … Continue reading

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